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Crisis at Christmas IT Support
Teams Training

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Centre Volunteers

All senior volunteers will have a account. As a volunteer at one of the centres, you will be part of two teams: Crisis at Christmas 2023 and the centre you are volunteering at.
Note: Team Leaders will also be part of a Team Leaders -2023 team
(If you are volunteering as a Digital Support Volunteer or Activities see the Activities volunteer page, If you are volunteering as Advice volunteer please see Advice Volunteer page)
You can always find Wikimas (this crisis at christmas wiki) through the tab within the General channel of Crisis at Christmas 2023 team - please take the time to look through this as it contains lots of useful information info - for example, centre information,
IT manual
(how to work printers, shared mailboxes etc) and in the
shift office manual
Shared inbox - <centre>
What platform and channel to use and when :
When you are communicating with advice volunteers at your centre, use Advice & Guest Welfare channel in <Centre> - 2023 group
When you are communicating about activities, use General channel in <Centre> - 2023 group
When you are communicating with other volunteers at your centre , use General channel in <Centre> - 2023 group
When you are communicating with Ops and other warehouse volunteers, use the relevant <Centre> & Ops channel in Crisis at Christmas 2023 team
When you are contacting external people/organisations, please use the shared centre vol mailbox

Teams & Channels

Crisis at Christmas 2023 team

Every person who has access to a account should have access to the Crisis at Christmas 2023 teams channel.
For general messages that can be seen by any volunteer with a account
<Centre and Ops>
If centres want to contact Ops team, you should use this channel
IT Helpdesk
If you want to reach IT Support Centre for quick questions
Documents and Forms
All project wider documents and forms
There are no rows in this table

<Centre> - 2023 team

Each centre has its own dedicated team
For discussion that are relevant to volunteers for given centre and document storage
Wiki, Centre Email, Centre info, Shift book
Activities and Salon
Activities and Entertainment discussions within that centre
Advice and Guest Welfare
Advice services and guest welfare discussions within that centre
Advice email
Notifications (Advice)
Notifications for Advice volunteers (such as new emails for the advice shared mailbox) will appear here
Notifications (Centre)
Notifications for Shift Office Coordinators (such as new emails for the hotel shared mailbox and new all-centre Guest exclusions) will appear here
There are no rows in this table
Other tabs:
Centre info - Useful information about the Centre and its surroundings (e.g. pharmacies, laundries, police)
Shift Book - A log book to record events at the Centre floor

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