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Creating Browser Profiles

A neat way to keep your Microsoft 365 account separate from a personal or work account is to create browser profiles. This will enable you to switch between accounts. Below are instructions on how to do this for the Chrome browser and also for the Firefox browser.
If you have an existing Microsoft Account / Office 365 Account, you may want to create Browser Profiles to keep your login separate from your other accounts.

Instructions - Chrome

1. Click on the Profile icon on the top most right part of the browser, next to the Menu icon (three dots). In the menu that opens below, click "Add"
Tip: If the options says "Add another account" instead of just "Add" you are in the wrong place. Look above at the top most profile icon.
2. A new window will open. Choose "Continue without an account".

3. Enter "C@C" (or a name of your choice) as the new profile's name. You can optionally select a theme colour and an icon for the profile. A custom icon is highly recommended as it will help you remember whether you're in the C@C profile or not.
4. The new profile has been created. To access it, click on the profile icon, then under Other People click on the new profile. This will open a new Chrome window with the new profile's icon showing on the top right of the browser.
Alternatively, you can open the new browser profile with a shortcut on the desktop. ​
To check which profile you are on, check the profile icon on the top right of the browser. It should display the same profile photo chosen when the profile was created.

Instructions - Firefox

Note: Profiles in Firefox are called Containers.
Install the from the Firefox Add-on site.
After installing, a new icon should appear on the top right of the browser. Click "Next" until you reach the containers list screen, then click on "Manage Containers". ​
Enter the name of the new container ("C@C", for example), then choose a colour and a profile icon. Afterwards, click "OK". ​
Click the Back icon on the top left. The containers list should now display the new container. To access it, click on it to open a new tab in the container.
To check which container you are on, check the colour of the stripe under the tab name. The container name is also shown on the right hand side of the address bar. ​
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